About Me


I go by Trinket D'Tasse, not my real name of course, but how I like to go on this spooky interweb.


The oNiD community is my home for sim racing, great community, great people, great races.
Racing Stronger is an initiative that brings awareness and supports your mental health through sim racing.
The sim racing platform that hosts and runs all of the sim racing that I do in oNiD and Racing Stronger.
The eSports team run by my good friend - Tricky.
Rchetype is a muscian who I've known for many years, I have used their music in my content for a long time so it's holds a great place in my work and heart.
EasyAdmin is a feature-rich and highly customisable Administration Suite for FiveM and RedM Servers 
Sim Hound are makers of sim wear and rigs for all your sim racing needs.
SIMstuff create and sell sim racing button boxes and other various sim racing gifts.